Proton VPN is a program that allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and securely without any restrictions, switching from one page to another. The developer offers a platform with a modern and intuitive interface that even a novice can understand. If the user turns his attention to the right side of the window, where the world map is located, he can get acquainted with the large number of servers. The program automatically starts an encrypted connection. The user chooses the country of the connection himself and without problems uses the site he needs. Download free official version of Proton VPN for your OS, you can on our website by selecting the appropriate file to download.

Proton VPN software can run on PCs running Windows, Mac OS and Linux, but also has options for mobile devices based on iOS and Android.

The program features

  • connection to servers all over the world;
  • Self-configuration and saving the user's profile;
  • free access to web-resources and online-questionnaires;
  • Work with encrypted traffic and full confidentiality;
  • Support for world browsers like Google, Yandex, Mozila, Explorer.

Download Proton VPN

To get started, you need to follow a few steps to use the Proton VPN platform:

  1. go to our website and select the link with the OS that is installed on your device;
  2. Click on the file, the download will start;
  3. In the top bar of the browser, the installation file icon will appear, click on it again;
  4. follow the prompts during installation;
  5. Reach the finish line and click "Done".

After that, an icon with a Proton VPN triangle will appear on your device. That's it, you can launch and use it.


Proton VPN is a sought-after program for users who work, study or simply surf the Internet in search of necessary information. The program allows you to hide your real IP address and protects your data from fraudulent hacking. In order to start using Proton VPN, you need to register and create an account with a username and password.